Achievements page

World - Root Category

Google - Do you google?

Mr. Popular: Have 50 or more friends. (Automated)

Exhibitionist: Include picture in profile. (Automated)

Old Fashioned: Include phone number in profile. (Automated)

IRC dude: Include IRC nick in profile. (Automated)

MSN man: Include MSN nick in profile. (Automated)

Multiprotocoller: Earn both 'MSN man' and 'IRC dude' achievements. (Automated)

Not afraid of stalkers: Has included full address in profile. (Automated)

OtaSizzle - Achievements from OtaSizzle

It's alive!: Add DoB to CoS profile. (Automated)

Survivior: Survive for 5000 days. (Automated)

True Survivor: Survive for 10000 days. (Automated)

Life - General stuff, about you!

Really cool dude: Has an account on otAchieve. (Automated)

Small time Achiever: Achieve 10 or more achievements. (Automated)

Great Achiever: Achieve 50 or more achievements. (Automated)

The Archiever: Toughest guy on the block. (Automated)

Meta - Because it's so Web 2.0

Late Night Achiever: The green is so beautiful at night!. (Automated)

The Beast: He only blinks once. (Automated)

Playground - Test your stuff